Learning new stuff in 2019

Published on 2018-12-30

Learning is fantastic! Let's make 2019 the year of learning!!

I have an excellent idea how I'm going to do it - I'm going to learn something new, every day of 2019.

This is day zero - and I'll try my best to reach 365 days - all the days of 2019.

Learning is important and there is no doubt (in my mind) that it is more important in programming that many other crafts. The field of programming always seem to be expanding with languages, frameworks and services.

Staying up to date with programming and software development is what I get payed to do (sort of) on a daily basis - which means that it shouldn't be an issue at all. Therefore it is even more important to learn new stuff outside of this field - things that are truly new.

Learning shouldn't be restricted to stuff that is considered large - any new knowledge should be considered good - therefore my 2019 will filled with both large and small pieces of new knowledge!

Stay tuned for a lot of learning in 2019!