Formula 1 Telemetry (F1 2020)

Published on Sat Nov 28 2020

I am starting a new project!

Yes – I know – this must be shocking!

I found out that the F1 games can spit out telemetry. This is awesome news – because telemetry means A LOT in Formula 1 – as explained in this video.

The game (F1 2020) let’s the player setup the broadcast of telemetry. The telemetry is sent as UDP packages on the network to a specific IP address + port pair. It is also possible to select the frequenzy of the packages.

The point of this project is to get some telemetry from the game that can be used to improve lap times.

This can be done in two ways – either by storing data and analyzing it at a later state OR by providing real time data for real time analysis.

With this project I really want to achieve both of these goals.

The first step is to get data out of the game – that is where this project starts.