File System Encryption (aka Dear Apple, Microsoft etc.)

Published on 2017-01-09

I just need a simple full (removable) disk encryption tool that works across all the major platforms. Please.

Dear Apple, Microsoft etc.

This is a call to all OS vendors! We need full disk encryption of removable media built in to the OS. I know, I know - we already have that in literally every OS out there - but (and this is a BIG but) we need it to work across operating systems!


The USB thumb drive I currently carry holds up to 64 GB of data. This means that most of the data that I need in my life can actually fit on this single drive! Documents, notes, images etc. - not counting movies and music because that stuff is streamed and it isn't anything I need to keep confidential in that sense.

I would like to have a USB thumb drive that I kept in-sync with the documents on my computer. That is my responsibility and I accept it gladly. That way I would be moving around with all my data all the time. Everywhere I went I'd have it right there. There are some problems though - what if I loose it? What if it gets stolen from me? Then all my data is with someone else?!

Exsisting full disk encryption

I could encrypt the drive - but full disk encryption come in various flavors - but unfortunately none that fit quite right. Both macOS and Windows offer built in full disk encryption - but they are not compatible. Using full disk encryption on either effectivly locks the drive to the operating system - that doesn't work at all! I own a few computers - running both Windows, macOS and Linux. Secondly I might bring the drive to a friends computer or to work. The cross platform alternatives that exsist has to be installed on the host computer. Bringing an encrypted disk to another computer would make it useless unless that computer happens to use the same full disk encryption software as the one used to create the drive!

Universal full disk encryption

Therefore I (we) need the major OS vendors to aggree on a standard for full disk encryption. That way we'll have large roaming drives that are secured and usable in virtually all computers.