TWIL #49

Published on 2019-12-31

Welcome to week fortynine!

This is the shortest full week of learning. It marks the end of the year. The end of one full year of learning new stuff every day and writing down what it is. It has been a good trip - but more about that tomorrow. First we'll celebrate new years eve and jump in to 2020 with new goals!

2019-12-30 - Monday

Today I learned that Facebook is making smart glasses - didn't they learn from the Google Glass experience?! I mean, augment my reality and give me all the information you want - I don't want Facebook strapped to my head and forced into my eyeballs 24/7.

2019-12-31 - Tuesday

Toay I learned that software architecture is overrated and I couldn't aggree more! There are simple ways of doing architecture and often the most simple one is the correct one!