TWIL #48

Published on 2019-12-29

Welcome to week fortyeight!

This was the week of Christmas eve and Christmas morning! I hope all who celebrate got some nice presents and spent some quality time with family and friends.

I had a fantastic time - really enjoying the peace and quiet. The learnings listed here are but a small fraction of what I've been reading.

2019-12-23 - Monday

Today I learned about the Gombo Chimpanzee War - it is a fascinating tale of new discovery in the world of apes and it dates back a few years. Imagine being at the frontline expertiencing this as the first (modern) human ever!

2019-12-24 - Tuesday

Today I learned how busses will save our cities if we allow them. No doubt! We must transport as many people at a time as possible. Maximize people per vehicle!

2019-12-25 - Wednesday

Today I learned just how radioactive the core of Chernobyl still is - this is truly an amazing fact. Nuclear power is dangerous - very!

2019-12-26 - Thursday

Today I learned that web scraping isn't against the law - at least somewhere in the US. This is still a very concrete ruling in my view.

2019-12-27 - Friday

Today I learned about these statements from Rasmus Lerdorf about the creation and history of PHP. This story is pretty much the story of the web - or at least of one of the very fundemental background components of the web.

2019-12-28 - Saturday

Today I learned that Google is still being sued over email scanning - I wonder when this will end. This disregard of general human decency and lack of respect for basic privacy in persuit of revenue.

2019-12-29 - Sunday

Today I learned about the decline in use of PHP. Following up on the story from friday the age of PHP is showing. New and emerging programming languages are becomming increasingly easy to use and therefore become the choice for new projects.