TWIL #47

Published on 2019-12-22

Welcome to week fortyseven!

Now it's christmas and I have left work for the holidays - not returning until the beginning of january. This following week gives time to some very deep learning. This year I need to fix up my home network though.

2019-12-16 - Monday

Today I learned about this vision for Rust as a systems programming language which reminds me that I really need to learn Rust at some point - not much, just enough to understand what all the fuzz is about.

2019-12-17 - Tuesday

Today I learned how to ensure software quality by doing code reviews - the review process can be arranged to be so formal I almost like it :)

2019-12-18 - Wednesday

Today I learned that people doesn't consider that sharing passwords is breaking the law - not the actual act of sharing a password but sharing a single user online service.

2019-12-19 - Thursday

Today I learned about how Google is still invading our privacy - it's unbelievable believable.

2019-12-20 - Friday

Today I learned about designing APIs with allocation of memory in mind - I can lean both ways on this and my main concern (I might've missed something) is how far a Read() ([]byte, error) would read? Where does it stop?

2019-12-21 - Saturday

Today I learned that vinyl is set to outsell CDs - who even buys CDs anymore?

2019-12-22 - Sunday

Today I learned how technology is making us more impatient - if you look around you should be able to see this everywhere.