TWIL #46

Published on 2019-12-15

Welcome to week fortysix!

I am so focused on programming at the moment that I don't really read nothing else. As a counterweight to this I should really pick up some other material and lately I've been thinking about reading The Lord of the Rings again.

2019-12-09 - Monday

Today I learned the next lesson in converting to Go modules - I really love Go modules a lot. The migration is smooth at least on my part.

2019-12-10 - Tuesday

Today I learned about TinyGo on Arduino - I still need actual experience with Arduino and this will help my efforts!

2019-12-11 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the appraisal of contributers that delete code - some of my best (internal) contributions are big deletions!

2019-12-12 - Thursday

Today I learned how to setup VS Code for developing Python. VS Code really keeps providing the best development environment - so light weight yet still so powerful.

2019-12-13 - Friday

Today I learned various methods to embed files in Go binaries - I somehow hope that there will be a way to do this natively at some point.

2019-12-14 - Saturday

Today I learned about the benefits in personal projects for developers - I can only recommend every developer to have some personal projects. This is where you will grow.

2019-12-15 - Sunday

Today I learned about USB 4 - these naming schemes are getting rediculus.