TWIL #44

Published on 2019-12-01

Welcome to week fortyfour!

December is finally here! Christmas is finally here! This means we are almost back at the beginning where it all started - a year ago when I thought to myself "You are actually learning new shit every day, write some of it down". Time passes by so fast.

2019-11-25 - Monday

Today I learned about the 10x engineer - this isn't new but the distinctions in this article makes for an interesting read.

2019-11-26 - Tuesday

Today I learned that Android is moving away from sweets named releases - now it's just numbers. I like the codenames but numbers makes more sense. Especially in the highly segmented Android landscape.

2019-11-27 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the expiration of Chromebooks - this is disturbing... I can't think of a single reason to do this. One of the key selling points of Chromebooks is that they keep themselves updated and running. Taking this away will leave you with a rather expensive paper weight.

2019-11-28 - Thursday

Today I learned about this card skimmer on gas pumps - in short it is not that advanced although I find it very sophisticated that the attackers just have to do a driveby after planting the device.

2019-11-29 - Friday

Today I learned about Go's features of last resort - I aggree on everything but the use of init() - it can be complicated - but when controlled it is very powerfull.

2019-11-30 - Saturday

Today I learned that Microsoft will likely create Skynet - I'm not quite so sure :)

2019-12-01 - Sunday

Today I learned about the javascript library with ads - totally unacceptable in my opinion. But they have to eat, right?