TWIL #43

Published on 2019-11-24

Welcome to week fortythree!

I can't believe this year of learning is coming to an end soon.

There is only a few short weeks left but that doesn't mean the learning will stop. But the blog posts about will. Sadly.

2019-11-18 - Monday

Today I learned about rel="preconnect" - it is awesome that we get all these performance bootsting abilities - but this is right in the frontend and I can't help but wonder if this is the really the right place to put it?

2019-11-19 - Tuesday

Today I learned about self contained executables with Dotnet Core 3.0 - which is simply put: awesome!

2019-11-20 - Wednesday

Today I learned that using your phone during breaks might be bad and that the brain doesn't fully relax while doing so. This shouldn't really be a surprise.

2019-11-21 - Thursday

Today I (finally) learned about the beta of the new Microsoft Edge - a part of me is sad that the world will soon be running on Chromium - but it could be good if it was kept open source and compatible (ie. no Google stuff).

2019-11-22 - Friday

Today I learned about software productivity metrics - this is an interresting spin. There are many metrics available from the source code and measuring the performance of a project is individual.

2019-11-23 - Saturday

Today I learned how to use large media with Git and Netlify - having large media files in a Git repository is painful and this is the remedy!

2019-11-24 - Sunday

Today I learned that round numbers makes people happy - it is very logical.