TWIL #42

Published on 2019-11-17

Welcome to week fortytwo!

This week was filled with a lot of technical learning - once again. This is always a good thing - for me at least. This is really where my heart is. Most weeks are like this, fortunately.

2019-11-11 - Monday

Today I learned about the complexity about doping in sports - it is a huge problem and everyone involved in sports needs to help combat it. I'd recommend turning of the television and maybe avoid products of sponsors of events/athletes where doping is proved.

2019-11-12 - Tuesday

Today I learned how to build good softeware - it basically comes down to keeping applications small and effective and using iterative development practices. Easy.

2019-11-13 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the complexity of YAML - it is a bit more complex than I had imagined. Most of the languages I use (Go and Javascript, these days) have native/built-in parsing for JSON and therefore I tend to use JSON for configuration etc.

2019-11-14 - Thursday

Today I learned about Microsoft Encarta - I used to own a copy and it was great! This is a great piece of computing history - I remember having wild fantasies about how much information could be stored in computers in the future. The simple answer is: All of it.

2019-11-15 - Friday

Today I learned that const doesn't improve performance in C programs. Well...

2019-11-16 - Saturday

Today I learned about TTFB - Time To First Byte and why it even matters in web sites/applications.

2019-11-17 - Sunday

Today I learned about the basics of Kubernetes - I really need to do some experiments with this!