TWIL #41

Published on 2019-11-10

Welcome to week fortyone!

This week I haven't done much development. But I have read about it - and that has to count, right?

A topic very close to my heart is deployment of software. I do this weekly and often multiple times per week. The goal is to have no user experience downtime and most weeks we succeed.

2019-11-04 - Monday

Today I learned how is getting caught in the SEO wars - now is the time to take a stand! Let us call out misinformation and prevent it from corrupting all the valid information out there! This is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of facts!

2019-11-05 - Tuesday

Today I learned about the skills needed to be a successful CTO - I think I'm doing ok.

2019-11-06 - Wednesday

Today I learned about GitHub Actions and their capabilities - I'm planning a deep dive into this in the beginning of january.

2019-11-07 - Thursday

Today I learned what happens when you report errors in Windows - this is no surprise. As a software developer I can't stress this enough: If a developer or platform has put in a way to report errors in some application, please use it. It will help the software get better.

2019-11-08 - Friday

Today I learned that adopting a policy not to release on fridays might be an anti-pattern - and I agree. The remedy is known - deploy often and deploy small changes that are easy to roll back.

2019-11-09 - Saturday

Today I learned why and how to use Docker for your development environment - this is rather basic to be honest - having the environment be portable removes the setup from the equation.

2019-11-10 - Sunday

Today I learned about animating the favicon - if every website did this it would be annoying - but it might have some usefulness.