TWIL #40

Published on 2019-11-03

Welcome to week forty!

This week I have been focused on development, and I must've read about a hundred articles about various ways to deploy and manage large cloud infrastructures. I should be trying out Kubernetes shortly on a real project.

2019-10-28 - Monday

Today I learned what it takes to hire people in San Francisco - there is no doubt that the job market in SF is insane!

2019-10-29 - Tuesday

Today I learned about the unionization of YouTubers - this is odd times indeed. But I'd like to see some pushback against the black box algorithms inside YouTube - because the do determinute the fate and income of so many people.

2019-10-30 - Wednesday

Today I learned about micromastery - this is gold. This is exactly what I want to do all the time!

2019-10-31 - Thursday

Today I learned about the fake patriotic tech firms - it is a sort of diversion.

2019-11-01 - Friday

Today I learned about angel investors that aren't actual angels - I get it, but this gets very confusing when you are doing deals on investments.

2019-11-02 - Saturday

Today I learned about how Lorem Picsum is built - the multiple layers of caching is very nice. This is a short article that cuts straight to the meat of the matter.

2019-11-03 - Sunday

Today I learned that EV certificates are dead. Changes in all modern browsers will render them worthless.