TWIL #39

Published on 2019-10-27

Welcome to week thirtynine!

From software errors and corporate communications that serve as a security risk - to IPOs and a simple icon design change - this is another week that was all over the place.

It's all learning. It is all reading!

2019-10-21 - Monday

Today I learned about this security flaw with SQLite - this is potenrially big - very big.

2019-10-22 - Tuesday

Today I learned how phishing emails are pushing companies towards chat - it makes sense - if all internal communication are done in real time and only available internally there should be no doubt who you are talking to.

2019-10-23 - Wednesday

Today I learned that open source isn't the preference for everyone - reliability and accountability are a big thing in corporate environments.

2019-10-24 - Thursday

Today I learned about the thoughts behind the icon change of VS Code - changes like this are always surrounded with strong feelings from the users.

2019-10-25 - Friday

Today I learned how to be human within remote teams - this is an increasingly important skill to have as software teams gets more remote by the minute.

2019-10-26 - Saturday

Today I learned how to make this simple cache in PHP - this is an old known method that works very well in practice.

2019-10-27 - Sunday

Today I learned about the odd story about WeWork - I really recommend that you read this.