TWIL #37

Published on 2019-10-13

Welcome to week thirtyseven!

This week was all over the place. I've been reading a lot of the proposalt for Go 2 and I must say I am very excited about the future of Go and the eco system surrounding it.

I can't wait to begin making libraries and applications with generics and/or contracts. It is going to be amazing!

2019-10-07 - Monday

Today I learned about the specifics of the generics proposal for Go - the article describes why we need generics and a way to implement it and use them in Go. I'm thrilled about this. I hope this works out and will be a part of Go rather sooner than later.

2019-10-08 - Tuesday

Today I learned about modules in Go - the article gives a fantastic introduction and shows usage of all the commands you'll need.

2019-10-09 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the 3 laws of locality - this makes sense. If you've ever built user interfaces for software you should have thought about this.

2019-10-10 - Thursday

Today I learned about this reverse scam but that is not really what I stumbled upon. The last part hit me hard, as the police stated that you could make a target of yourself because the scammers already know your phone number and/or email. Can we (please) all aggree that knowing my phone number and/or email address shouldn't really make me a larger possible target?!!! Our lives are somewhat reliant on these to be generally known or public!!!

2019-10-11 - Friday

Today I learned about this attempt to stay annonymous in our digital life. Of course this fails, which just emphasise the need for law makers to step up! Until then we all need to tone it back a bit and stay alert!

2019-10-12 - Saturday

Today I learned about the six kinds of coupling - every programmer should read up on this.

2019-10-13 - Sunday

Today I learned how to detect if Chrome is running Incognito - there are several ways you can poke the system to have it spill the beans. Amazing!