TWIL #36

Published on 2019-10-06

Welcome to week thirtysix!

This was the week when the next Destiny 2 expansion was realeased - an oh boy is it time consuming (as always).

But you have to keep on learning and reading - and so do I.

2019-09-30 - Monday

Today I learned about open source software - specifically how to identify projects that you should jump into and use. The main problem is the many many projects that does almost the same thing and how to choose the best one.

2019-10-01 - Tuesday

Today I learned how IBM documented the PC and thereby prevented a monopoly. This could never happen today. That is actually quite sad.

2019-10-02 - Wednesday

Today I learned about computer aided knitting - this is my kind of craft!

2019-10-03 - Thursday

Today I learned about the irrelevancy of Windows in regards to monopolization - this is good. But it really highlights where the true threat is now - in mobily operating systems (Android ie. Google) and online platforms (Facebook + Google).

2019-10-04 - Friday

Today I learned why it's bad to work 60 hour weeks - I truly believe that your attention needs to be focused elsewhere every once in a while.

2019-10-05 - Saturday

Today I learned about these coding standars for C# developers - and I was instantly reminded how disgusted I am by Hungarian notation. I've only ever worked on one project where the lead insisted it should be used. That is 14 years ago and I can still taste the vomit when I think about it.

2019-10-06 - Sunday

Today I learned how and why minification of SVGs is a good idea. It is really a nobrainer. All markup and/or code should be minified before hitting the wire.