TWIL #34

Published on 2019-09-22

Welcome to week thirtyfour!

I'm currently ramping up for this years NaNoWriMo - it's going to be awesome!

These days my reading/learning is all over the place but mainly around tech/programming.

2019-09-16 - Monday

Today I learned about the problems the Linux kernel have when memory usage is under pressure.

2019-09-17 - Tuesday

Today I learned about this new security flaw in Intel chips - this is the gift that just keeps giving! Is it possible that we've been so focused on software security that we've (until now) forgotten about hardware security?

2019-09-18 - Wednesday

Today I learned how to make very simple caching in PHP - this method has been used for almost 15 years in the wild - I like it because it is simple but effective.

2019-09-19 - Thursday

Today I learned about this backdoor method for Electron based apps.

2019-09-20 - Friday

Today I learned about running Wine on Windows - this is stupid but we need it in our life!

2019-09-21 - Saturday

Today I learned about this awesome texmode UI - I really think that these kinds of user interfaces should be used more.

2019-09-22 - Sunday

Today I learned about this attack via SQLite - it's pretty clever.