TWIL #33

Published on 2019-09-15

Welcome to week thirtythree!

The year is coming to and end very quickly - there is still a very long way to go but the full year of daily learning is way closer now.

I'm very committed to fully participate in NaNoWriMo this year - more about that later.

2019-09-09 - Monday

Today I learned how to make small programs in assembler that can run in DOSBox or be written to the boot sector of a disk and be used to boot a computer. I actually started my programming journey at age 10 programming some BASIC and some aseembler - it was fun times!

2019-09-10 - Tuesday

Today I learned about this nuclear reactor and all the stuff it is used for! It is really amazing how many uses they've found for this - so many experiments being done - all at one site.

2019-09-11 - Wednesday

Today I learned the about the horror that is reCAPTCHA - we are all helping make a commercialized artifical intelligence - for free.

2019-09-12 - Thursday

Today I learned about the practice of non compete clauses in contracts - especially at AWS. I see the point of protecting trade secrets for a period of time after employment has ended - but not compensating workers for effectively being unavailable to the job market is bad.

2019-09-13 - Friday

Today I learned about the new Terminal that Microsoft is making - it looks like it is going to be awesome!

2019-09-14 - Saturday

Today I learned just how big Roblox is - I don't think the comparison to Minecraft is fair. Like I don't think comparing games like Fortnite and CS:GO to Overwatch eg. - free-to-play is hard to compare against in player numbers. My subjective analysis is that mostly kids get to play the free-to-play games and therefore monthly active users doesn't tell much else than kids have time to play.

2019-09-15 - Sunday

Today I learned about this old star that might be older than the universe. It is interresting that the understanding of physics on the cosmic scale is still getting settled.