TWIL #32

Published on 2019-09-08

Welcome to week thirtytwo!

From recycling - to friggin' sharks - to software development - learning will never be boring!

This week I was reading a lot about old'ish games - how and why they where made - these stories are so fascinating!

2019-09-02 - Monday

Today I learned about the problems we face with recycling - when China etc. refuse to take our garbage off our hands we'll have to stockpile it locally ourselves. Something has to change. Let's not drown ourselves in the stuff around the stuff.

2019-09-03 - Tuesday

Today I learned about this suit that makes you less visible to sharks. Open water and especially being submerged with sharks beneath me would be terrifying - but I still find sharks among the most facinating and amazing animals on this planet!

2019-09-04 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the history of Wolfenstein 3D and the development inside id software - it's an amazing tale from a past era.

2019-09-05 - Thursday

Today I learned about scrolling the The Legend of Zelda - this is a fantastic deep dive into the behaviour of legacy hard- and software.

2019-09-06 - Friday

Today I learned that we only need to test usability with five users to maximize the output and effectiveness of the test.

2019-09-07 - Saturday

Today I learned how Activision Blizzard is optimizing their earnings - this is truly a gigantic company in terms of player base and revenue - and any company this size would be insane not to optimize for profit. But a bit of CSR might be in order??

2019-09-08 - Sunday

Today I learned how Shopify was forced to split up their muddy monolith - I like that they didn't settle on the micro service implementation (like most of the industry do at the moment).