TWIL #31

Published on 2019-09-01

This is week thirtyone!

I'm continuing my learning adventure as sommer comes to a conclusion - throughout the summer (the past ~3 months) I've read about 800 articles - it doesn't feel like that much - I'm loving it!

2019-08-26 - Monday

Today I learned about the studies that show the damages on the young brain imposed by marijuana use - this needs to be considered when legalizing MJ and setting minimum age for use.

2019-08-27 - Tuesday

Today I learned just how fantastic insects are - and that they need us way less than we need them. Food chains and eco systems are very complex - but I'm quite certain that insects play a large role on this planet.

2019-08-28 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the history of Microsofts monopoly - I don't think anybody would make the argument that Miscroft has a monopoly today - if we look at overall computers (which of course include phones etc.) the Linux kernel has prevailed! Every Android phone has the Linux kernel - but Linux is free (Android is another story).

2019-08-29 - Thursday

Today I learned about this amazing story of people being recruited for a game development company that never existed!

2019-08-30 - Friday

Today I learned about the importance of considering the use of Big O notation. Optimization is good - but it also has a cost. It is a nice point that Big O disregards constants and therefore you could argue that optimizing your constants whouldn't provide you with a better runtime - this is not always the case though.

2019-08-31 - Saturday

Today I learned the details of the Zoom incident - basically this is what happens when you try to get clever and don't really get too deep into the details of the technology.

2019-09-01 - Sunday

Today I learned about how data can be enctrypted in the cloud - this might seem like a bit overkill - but if your security can't be compromise you can't compromise when building it.