TWIL #30

Published on 2019-08-25

This is already week thirty!

Omg! This week I covered a lot of ground - the history of Iraq and the history of Day of the Tentacle are longer but very good reads - anyone should be able to pick them up and enjoy.

2019-08-19 - Monday

Today I learned that news sites have a problem - as this article describes. The constant cry for attention in all of media causing the constantly shrinking news cycle is really bad.

2019-08-20 - Tuesday

Today I learned what you can and can not learn with apps like Duolingo. This article describe problems learning the more complicated languages.

2019-08-21 - Wednesday

Today I learned that Bing isn’t the failure we thought it to be - the revenue the ad business generate last year would make many SMB very hot! I’m not using Bing myself but I certainly believe that there should be more than one search engine in the world!!

2019-08-22 - Thursday

Today I learned how Kotlin is rising up and gaining more popularity - I have yet to try it myself but I like what I have seen - it looks a lot smoother than Java, for Android development.

2019-08-23 - Friday

Today I learned about the very long and complex history of the country that is now Iraq. In the cradle of civilization it is very natural to have had comflict upon conflict - but it is fuel for thought that many of the conflicts in recent years is powered by foreign interrests.

2019-08-24 - Saturday

Today I learned about the history of Day of the Tentacle - a nice story about a game I've been playing a lot (and still do!).

2019-08-25 - Sunday

Today I learned about the origins of the story about Aladdin.