TWIL #29

Published on 2019-08-18

This is week twentynine!!!

I've been learning small nuggets this past week - it is good to take a small timeout compared to the intensity over the summer - but don't worry - I'm still at it at 100 percent.

2019-08-12 - Monday

Today I learned that I should be listening to dubstep while coding. I mostly listen to podcasts - but this is nice.

2019-08-13 - Tuesday

Todaday I learned about this bad random number generator - small fun implementation.

2019-08-14 - Wednesday

Today I learned about Docker Layers - I feed Docker very facinating!

2019-08-15 - Thursday

Today I learned how and why Simple Analytics moved their servers to Iceland. This problem is real. US companies have a problem.

2019-08-16 - Friday

Today I learned about this facinating article comparing the electricity use of code written in different programming languages.

2019-08-17 - Saturday

Today I learned about all the data a Tesla stores - I don't own a Tesla. If I did I would feel violated.

2019-08-18 - Sunday

Today I learned about a feature in the mobile version of Chrome. It lets a web page hide the URL bar from the user - this is bad!