TWIL #28

Published on 2019-08-11

This is week twentyeight!!!

The summer is almost over - but learning is still peaking. Starting work again after vacation is very nice - you hit the track running with a head full of new ideas - that is what constant learning does to your brain.

2019-08-05 - Monday

Today I learned that the A350 plane needs to be rebooted every 149 hours in order to prevent critical bugs. Back in the day we knew that we needed to reboot our computers every now and then (like, a couple of times per day) and now we get annoyed when our laptops or phones get a software update that require reboot. The go-to solution for most problems remain "have you tried switching it off and on again?" - this is no coincidence - it works, because software is complex and running software has state and sometimes that state gets corrupted.

2019-08-06 - Tuesday

Today I learned about GPS spoofing. This article focus on the spoofing of GPS by Russia - there are several key reasons for doing this, as stated in the article - but don't be fooled, the only reason we hear about GPS spoofing is because GPS is US-owned. My general assumption is that every nation state is jamming the other nations positioning system.

2019-08-07 - Wednesday

Today I learned... well... it wasn't really learning, but this article pretty much sums up how I feel about social networks and Facebook in particular - which is we I essentially deleted it and deleted my account(s). I wish people would use mail more. And mailing lists. It is easy and available to anyone.

2019-08-08 - Thursday

Today I learned about these six project management lessons from Game of Thrones - I recon they are written a bit tongue in cheek, but nevertheless somewhat useful.

2019-08-09 - Friday

Today I learned about VS Codium - it is a good project and it demonstrates what we can do with open source.

2019-08-10 - Saturday

Today I learned about this roadmap of becoming a Go developer.

2019-08-11 - Sunday

Today I learned that a website is a car not a book. I really like this analogy.