TWIL #27

Published on 2019-08-04

Week twentyseven! I'm reading a lot about software development these days and the weekly summary will reflect that! Everything around testing and development workflow is also included in my day-to-day reading and I can almost feel my brain expanding!

2019-07-29 - Monday

Today I learned about software rot from this article - I have rewritten many pieces of software - some of them multiple times - and the result is always better, faster and waaaaay more understandable.

2019-07-30 - Tuesday

Today I learned about schemas and databases from this article - it is a good point to make that NoSQL databases do have schemas, but they are in your code.

2019-07-31 - Wednesday

Today I learned that you can't get your sun through glass - atleast if you want your body to use it for making vitamin D - this means you'll have to go outside to get the vital rays.

2019-08-01 - Thursday

Today I learned how Cloudflare is using loopholes to effectively circumvent government gag orders and inform if they've had governments eg. in their customers data - this is yet another reason to love Cloudflare. Everybody should do this.

2019-08-02 - Friday

Today I learned about the security risks currently present with many Thunderbold installations - - but the good news is that it requires physical access to the machine to compromise it. My current mindset is already that phsyical access to my hardware will render most security useless.

2019-08-03 - Saturday

Today I learned about DOS and DDOS attacks. This article lists the types and gives a very nice example on how to perform one.

2019-08-04 - Sunday

Today I learned about static site generators. This article compares a few - and to be honest I didn't feel like I needed this runthrough - but it is relevant! This site was previously made with Hugo and is currently made using Gatsby - I truly believe that static site generators is the way to make websites.