TWIL #26

Published on 2019-07-28

This is week twentysix (since switching to weekly summary of learning) - and it is still very amazing! I'm pretty confident that this year will be one of the most productive in my career and I partly blame the constant learning.

2019-07-22 - Monday

Today I learned how to make code interact with Minecraft - this is something I need to experiment with!

2019-07-23 - Tuesday

Today I learned about the basics of login forms. As this article states: don't get clever! Make the login page linkable and make all the form fields visible.

2019-07-24 - Wednesday

Today I learned how to compress responses from a .NET web application. This article goes over a simple setup - but keep in mind that the order of middleware is important!

2019-07-25 - Thursday

Today I learned about this point that Linus Thorvalds made - I hadn't thought about the rise of x86 in terms of development invironment availability but it makes sense!

2019-07-26 - Friday

Today I learned about the bandwidth limited performance of MySQL - this article has some nice graphs and statistics.

2019-07-27 - Saturday

Today I learned about self deploying Node.js apps - I'd say that importing a library that does most of the heavy lifting is kinda cheating - but I was there when Kelsey Hightower made the presentation mentioned in the article and it was amazing!

2019-07-28 - Sunday

Today I learned how to switch between .NET Core SDK versions - with all the breaking changes going around it is very important to be able to have multiple versions of the SDKs installed.