TWIL #25

Published on 2019-07-21

This is the twentyfifth full week of learning!

This is but a fraction of the articles that I've been plowing through during my vacation and I absolutely love it. When I started I had a backlog of about 700 articles which is now greatly reduced!

2019-07-15 - Monday

Today I learned about the efforts for creating self contained .NET applications, mainly with Dotnet Core. This article also describe a very handy wrapper that exists today. Maybe the size of the final executable matters in some instances - but I'd argue that it mainly doesn't (we are all used to having Electron apps by now, right?).

2019-07-16 - Tuesday

Today I learned about the difference between UI and UX design - this article has some strong points and really highlights why a UX designer is needed if you are building anything of significance.

2019-07-17 - Wednesday

Today I learned the first steps in creating a Slack app - these three ways of interacting with the platform (the three different APIs) deserve an explanation - I see many use cases for this.

2019-07-18 - Thursday

Today I learned about the note from MS security chief where he points out that Internet Explorer (basically) shouldn't be used for web browsing. Period!

2019-07-19 - Friday

Today I learned about this statistics about game developers. Ouch - this hits home!

2019-07-20 - Saturday

Today I learned how to use Emmet to speed up web development - I'm currently using Emmet with VS Code and it is an amazing feeling.

2019-07-21 - Sunday

Today I learned about this breakup letter to Javascript - it made me laugh and it made me a bit sad but mostly it made me see Javascript in a clear (new) light.