TWIL #24

Published on 2019-07-14

This is the twentyfourth full week of learning!

Vacation time is here - which leaves a lot of time for reading and learning new stuff - I wish everybody a happy learning summer and hope you have time the relax and learn!

2019-07-08 - Monday

Today I learned something about the word code - we use it to describe the process of making software but we might in fact be doing ourselves a disservice. Read this article for the details.

2019-07-09 - Tuesday

Today I learned about flexbox sizing from this article - CSS and web layout has come a long way since the late 90s.

2019-07-10 - Wednesday

Today I learned about some ways to decrease bounce rate. This article has a few good tips - but my best advice is that you don't stress it - bouncing might be fine.

2019-07-11 - Thursday

Today I learned about coding on the side from this article - this is a way to keep in shape and excercise your mind when your main job shifts to tasks a bit less technical - I'd argue that everybody should be programming something on the side anyway - even people who write code 9-5 (lol).

2019-07-12 - Friday

Today I learned how to set up a Mac for web development - this article will serve as a short checklist for ya.

2019-07-13 - Saturday

Today I learned about the challenges of managing logs in modern cloud deployments.

2019-07-14 - Sunday

Today I learned about React Hooks - I'm a bit late to the game I know - but this looks great!