TWIL #21

Published on 2019-06-23

This is week twentyone of learning - it's get gift that keeps on giving!

This week there was a lot about cloud and servers - it's back to the basics and I like that very very much - I hope everybody else does as well.

2019-06-17 - Monday

Today I learned that Twitter moved to Google Cloud - apparently it's a success.

2019-06-18 - Tuesday

Today I learned about how serverless isn't costless from this article - the fact is that with serverless you will stop paying for idle servers and that means that the cost calculation will be changing a great deal. But with the right workload and invocation pattern you'll end up saving quite a lot of money.

2019-06-19 - Wednesday

Today I learned that Microsoft thinks VR will change our workspace - imagine having infinitely big monitors - as many as you would ever like!

2019-06-20 - Thursday

Today I learned about the specifics of various Linux disrtibutions - how thery are maintained, upgraded etc. - usually I just wack on Ubuntu - but maybe I should (finally) try something else for a change?

2019-06-21 - Friday

Today I learned about this real life app being built with React Native. I find these frameworks for building cross platform apps for mobile very intriguing.

2019-06-22 - Saturday

Today I read about the specifics on cross-site cookie manipulation - a constant security threat we should be aware of!

2019-06-23 - Sunday

Today I learned about starting a company outside Silion Valley - the Valley is truly a remarkable place - but the increased wages is causing the living costs to rise catastrophically (or so I've heard).