TWIL #20

Published on 2019-06-16

Week twenty!

Twenty! It has been twenty full weeks (since switching to weekly updates) of learning!

Let me state this once again: I love learning new stuff! This should come as no surprise - but these weekly updates are simply just the tip of the iceberg - they only cover about 10% of my weekly learnings - I read a lot of articles, and soon I will find a way to let it all flow out on the internet - so stay tuned!

2019-06-10 - Monday

Today I read this article and it turns out that Google have been harvesting data on iOS like Facebook did. Disgusting. Truly.

2019-06-11 - Tuesday

Today I read this article and got reminded how weird and fun the internet used to be. We should all be glad that there is no more script insertion in user generated content - but maybe it's because we've given web pages too much power it is a real problem (I know it's not - I know it has always been a problem - I know that MySpace had script-infections spreading like wildfire).

2019-06-12 - Wednesday

Today I read this article that makes a very strong point that we as developers of software should try and use hardware that represent the average user we are targeting. It is a very good point.

2019-06-13 - Thursday

Today I learned how the price structure around glasses is set up to maximize the profit made by a small number of companies. As far as I know this article describe the north american market - it is unclear how much this affects the rest of the world - but I'm pretty sure we are hit as well.

2019-06-14 - Friday

Today I read this article on how Google stands to lose the smart home to Amazon - I'm not sure which one I would prefer, but think about this: Your home is not smart - it is not even close - the cloud is smart and your home is simply attached to it. Wouldn't it be nice if your house could actually manage to be intelligent by itself?

2019-06-15 - Saturday

Today I learned about the advantages of iterative design - in my mind there is no doubt that iterating on a product (software) is by far the best way to go about it - instead of hitting the users once a year (or even further apart) and make them confused and possibly angry about a whole lot of changes.

2019-06-16 - Sunday

Today I learned about the important points of data validation from this article - this issue is very close to my heart. At a day-to-day basis I deal with data from a lot of ERP systems - and that surely needs to be cleaned up before being usable.