TWIL #19

Published on 2019-06-09

Amazingly this is week nineteen of learning.

This week visits both politics, software development and general technology. The story about Oluf Palme is really one you should read up on - unless you remember the 80s like a pro.

2019-06-03 - Monday

Today I learned how to contribute to the Postgres project - this article has some really good points, even if you are not planning on contributing to the Postgres project you'll get some general insight into contributing to any open source project - which you should definately try out.

2019-06-04 - Tuesday

Today I learned about the assasination of the prime minister of Sweden, back in 1986. The Guardian has an article about the fascinating real-life story. It doesn't get any more real than this!

2019-06-05 - Wednesday

Today I learned about a brave group of girls in Germany during the cold war. The article describe how the smuggled a guy across the border because it was the right thing to do - with the fear of losing their own lives along the way. This is also a story about very long lasting love.

2019-06-06 - Thursday

Today I learned about the details in the outage in the Google Cloud. This article from Ars has the details on how the engineers at Google couldn't be saved by their toolset because the automated systems prevented it - automation can actually lead to very bad results.

2019-06-07 - Friday

Today I learned about the hour-long period that European internet traffic was routed through China. Check out this article - changes in routing on this scale is concerning and really emphasize the need for encryption of all websites and services - even the smallest of sites.

2019-06-08 - Saturday

Today I learned about software monetization. The article at Simple Programmer gets around the basics - a must read for developers who is looking the earn some money on they creations.

2019-06-09 - Sunday

Today I learned how to switch dark mode on macOS on/off using the command line. This blog post has the details.