TWIL #18

Published on 2019-06-02

Amazingly this is the eighteenth full week of learning.

This week the learning gets somewhat political but that is fine - we really need to realize that we have to put in a bit more effort to save the planet.

2019-05-27 - Monday

Today I learned how the rebels in Yemen are arming themselves with drones, from this video - cheap access to drones and parts around the globe has a backside - and wars tend do be ugly.

2019-05-28 - Tuesday

Today I learned why 96 million black plastic balls was dropped in a reservoir in Los Angeles - this video has the details - as droughts come more often clean water is a resource we must protect - this is brilliant.

2019-05-29 - Wednesday

Today I learned how conference rooms make you dumber - or at least the carbon dioxide building up in a meeting room during a meeting of affecting your ability to think. This article has the details.

2019-05-30 - Thursday

Today I learned about the exploration of the deep seas starting with diving in the Mariana Trench - this video shows the exploration and discovery of new species (and some plastic!).

2019-05-31 - Friday

Today I learned how China increased the effectiveness of their solar and wind power - this article also describe how it is needed to meet their increased energy demands now and in the future.

2019-06-01 - Saturday

Today I learned the details on how the kilogram was the last SI unit transformed into 100% reliance on fundamental physical constants.

2019-06-02 - Sunday

Today I learned how Facebook is struggling with recruitment in the period after the CA scandal - the people joining the job market today are looking for meaningful jobs that will save the world or at least be a positive influence - Facebook is almost certanly not in that category anymore.