TWIL #17

Published on 2019-05-26

This is week seventeen in the series of full weeks of learning!

Yet another week that spreads out the learning in different directions - the most shocking this week was the Boing and FAA relationsship!

2019-05-20 - Monday

Today I learned about Kubernetes and Docker - the article outlines what they are and how they relate.

2019-05-21 - Tuesday

Today I learned how to get started with writing documentation for my software and why. This article has an awesome introduction and makes a great point that the documentation is something you should not take lightly - and certainly not something you should skip writing.

2019-05-22 - Wednesday

Today I learned about how it being an introvert can be combined with being an entrepreneur.

2019-05-23 - Thursday

Today I learned 6 steps to optimize workspace to productivity - the bottom line is that all the stuff you clutter your workspace with end up cluttering your mind in some way wether you want it to or not.

2019-05-24 - Friday

Today I learned about the secret of wireless charging - it doesn't seem to be that surprising that Apple didn't even get their solution to a shippable state (the article is written before the announcement).

2019-05-25 - Saturday

Today I learned about the 7 most promising biofuel sources for planes - the CO2 emission and general carbon footprint of plane travel should be of great concern - there is a growing pressure to make the world smaller and this has always mean more and faster travel.

2019-05-26 - Sunday

Today I learned about the close relationship between Boing (the plane manufactures) and the FAA (the government entity - in the US - that is supposed to make sure everyone in the industry is delivering safety). WSJ has put up this video that highlight some very concerning details about this relationship.