TWIL #16

Published on 2019-05-19

Sixteen full weeks has passed (after the change to post weekly).

This week ends with a nation wide shutdown (don't worry - it is simply due to the state religion) - which left some time for learning and pushing various projects forward - but most importantly: some R&R.

2019-05-13 - Monday

Today I learned about the love of pipes of Jessie Frazelle (I've seen her at dotGo a couple of times) and she is absolutely right: Pipes on Unix systems are awesome!!

2019-05-14 - Tuesday

Today I (re-)learned about hashing functions - this article gives a quick summary of how they work.

2019-05-15 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the pitfalls in Software Development Outsourcing - it is pretty basic and I really think that outsourcing is one big pitfall. Development can be split between multiple teams - but there must be a clear cut and it clearly works best if the two/multiple teams work on separate products of the same business - like a game with a port on an alternative platform.

2019-05-16 - Thursday

Today I learned about the common mistakes in database design - I think that normalization of data and improper/missing indicies are the largest mistakes, dwarfing everything else.

2019-05-17 - Friday

Today I learned about the link between air quality and happiness - the MIT study is based on data from China - but as far as I am concerned it is a simple conclusion that people want clean air - our cities are ruining our lives )in more that one way).

2019-05-18 - Saturday

Today I learned about this amazing build - old tech is not dead - it is just slumbering awaiting renewed interrest.

2019-05-19 - Sunday

Today I learned about these 9 characteristics of cloud computing - it is somewhat basic but it highlight the key points in a way that is easily digestable to everyone - I imagine transforming a business into either delivering or consuming cloud services would be helped be flashing this article to someone to make them figure out what such a change means.