TWIL #15

Published on 2019-05-12

The fifteenth full week - so very awesome learning is!

When I started this journey in the beginning of the year I didn't know how awesome it would be to actually look back on the previous learnings. But this week I did just that - and this is one of the most rewarding actions! Reading previous learnings helps make them stick - I think I have a pretty decent memory, but going over anything more than once will always help.

2019-05-06 - Monday

Today I learned about The Billion Oyster Project from this article - it is amazing that people/citizens are taking charge to rebuild the natural and/or protective elements in the environment that previously have been wiped out.

2019-05-07 - Tuesday

Today I learned about this bug in a very modern Wifi chipset. The reliance on wireless communication is begging to take it's toll - wireless is inherently insecure and way more difficult to make secure compared to wired communication.

2019-05-08 - Wednesday

Today I read this article that tried to learn us that software development is easier than ever and what that means for developers. I don't agree. Sure - the tools and help is generally way more available - more than they ever where. And developers must struggle to keep their value to organizations high. But this isn't new. It is just different. For all time developers must focus on their knowledge in programming to keep their value high - fortunately we've evolved to a state where the end user matters the most - this means that the valuable developers are those who focus, and become good at, creating value for the users.

2019-05-09 - Thursday

Today I read this article that is somewhat a follow up for the article (and thinking) from yesterday - this resonates way more with me. Building and maintaining complex systems is becoming so easy that the team size needed will be minimized.

2019-05-10 - Friday

Today I learned about this bug that allows a MySQL server to steal files from a client. It is, in itself, a very bad - but I can't help but wonder how many people connect to a server like this without also owning the actual server.

2019-05-11 - Saturday

Today I learned about this procedure to fix a bug in software. This article is brilliant - I basically know this already and to it BUT it is an awesome piece to hand off to colleagues etc. that need to get an introduction to this.

2019-05-12 - Sunday

Today I learned that Venn diagrams should never be used to communicate about SQL JOINs. This article shows why they are plain wrong and how to actually communicate JOINs correctly.