TWIL #14

Published on 2019-05-05

This is the fourteenth weekly update on learning. It also marks the entrance to the month of may and the passing of four months - a full third of the year.

Learning new things every day is very relevant, I might be inclined to say needed. I can't imagine the sloppiness of afternoon napping or watching feel good tv (like mind numbing talk shows or cooking shows) being a part of my life at any level. Lazyness breed lazyness - and lazyness never feels rewarding because it is not!

Keep learning! Stay curious!

2019-04-29 - Monday

Today I learned why you probably would consider not using Disqus for your website. This article has some chocking graphs that should just how bloated a site can get by adding just a few external libraries.

2019-04-30 - Tuesday

Today I learned how to migrate from Medium to Gatsby. This article has the technical details. I aggree that the writing experience on Medium is just excellent - but putting my articles behind a paywall for others and putting articles behind a paywall, for me, a contributer, that is just unacceptable (to me) so I moved away from Medium a long time ago. I also strongly beleive that anyone serious about their content should have and own their own place on the internet.

2019-05-01 - Wednesday

Today I learned when to use and when not to use React. This article highlight the fact that sometimes it is correct to choose not to use a framework - falling in blindly in love with a technology is a bad thing - there is plenty of solutions to most of our problems, and most of them are perfectly capable of prociding a solution. You must choose the one that fits the team.

2019-05-02 - Thursday

Today I learned about this court case that is going on. In my view it doesn't matter who is the worst - Facebook is bad and there is no doubt about that! Your data - the things you give up freely, along with all the stuff you never thought they had, is being sold to the highest bidder. Scrath that - it is being sold to anyone willing to pay for it!

2019-05-03 - Friday

Today I learned that Python developers now outnumber Java developers. This article has the numbers - it is really an amazing development (pun intended). I need to do more Python. Back in '00 I was amazed by Java - and it is still pretty cool - but Python is powerful and fits todays tasks way better in my opinion. Where Python falls short I've let Go take over from Java.

2019-05-04 - Saturday

Today I learned how the first transatlantic cable was layed. This video is very good! I find it amazing how much work was and money was put into this in the beginning with very little to gain - it is a good thing that some people kept the vision alive!

2019-05-05 - Sunday

Today I learned about this study that show a very good reason to use body paint in areas that has a lot of blood sucking flies eg..