TWIL #13

Published on 2019-04-28

This is the thirteenth week of learning.

This week also has a diverse set of learnings - as every week so far - I still love diving in to almost everything - nothing is too big or small to learn.

2019-04-22 - Monday

Today I learned about the human brains ability to sense magnetic fields. This is an area actively being researched - but the initial findings are amazing to be honest - check out the video.

2019-04-23 - Tuesday

Today I learned how manual labour from Indea is powering our new era of Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning. This article has a lot of examples that simply is awesome - the amount of work needed in training the models is amazing.

2019-04-24 - Wednesday

Today I learned about this amazing study from MIT about how tumors behave on acid - this might trigger a break-through in cancer treatment at some point, but it is still too early to say.

2019-04-25 - Thursday

Today I learned about doing Python code in VS Code. This article has the details. I really need to do more Python.

2019-04-26 - Friday

Today I learned how robots are cleaning after the Fukushima nuclear disaster - this video shows that the area is still way to dangerous for humans to enter.

2019-04-27 - Saturday

Today I learned about the details of Docker layers. This article give a vdey good initial description of how they work.

2019-04-28 - Sunday

Today I learned about slow news - well, I knew this already, but it is just really good advice: try RSS instead of Twitter etc. - this article points out why and how to get you started.