TWIL #12

Published on 2019-04-21

The twelfth full week of learning!

I have been looking back on the previous weeks/days of learning so far and I realize just how much knowledge is put into this head of mine. Please keep in mind that these lists mostly don't list stuff learned in the fields of programming and software development - and they are limited to one point.

Keep learning - keep being curious.

2019-04-15 - Monday

Today I learned about the electric scooter business that is sweeping through all major cities in the world. This video gave some insight into the challenges this type of company face in regards to eventually becoming profitable. The scooters might be an unwelcome annoyance to many people, but anything that has a potential to remove cars from the city streets should be welcome.

2019-04-16 - Tuesday

Today I learned about some rare and very radioactive elements in this video - radioactivity is a topic that keeps being facinating.

2019-04-17 - Wednesday

Today I learned about bendable machines - it might be because I'm an engineer, but this is amazing! Check out the video for yourself.

2019-04-18 - Thursday

Today I learned how the Pacific ocean is being poisned and how it is affecting escpecially the crab fishers in California. This video explain it very well - these people are some of the first to be impacted by changes in the environment.

2019-04-19 - Friday

Today I learned about bluetooth audio codecs and how they affect the quality of listening from this video.

2019-04-20 - Saturday

Today I learned how the Boing 737 MAX became a success. This video explain the details of the trend in the airline industry.

2019-04-21 - Sunday

Today I learned about this flying motorcycle that is now becoming a reality. Check out this video - the future is here (at a very high price point).