TWIL #11

Published on 2019-04-14

The eleventh full week of learning!

Spring is here - there is no doubt about that - but winter is coming.

Busy week leaves little to no time learning new stuff, but rest asured there was time enough to get seven pieces of learning on the board.

2019-04-08 - Monday

Today I learned that the US had the most layoffs in Q1 in a decade - looking at the graph there is clearly an upwards trend - I wonder if there is a graph that covers a longer period that can confirm this.

2019-04-09 - Tuesday

Today I learned why JSON files are bad for holding configuration. Basically the lack of comments is a pain. See this article for the details.

2019-03-10 - Wednesday

Today I learned about DNS filtering on your home network using PiHole. This article explain the very simple steps to be virtually tracking free in your home.

2019-03-11 - Thursday

Today I learned about SimpleAnalytics from this article - it is a good way to transform away from Google Analytics.

2019-03-12 - Friday

Today I learned about DNS from this great article - it is a short and simple introduction that everyone using the internet should read and understand.

2019-03-13 - Saturday

Today I learned how South Korea improved the amount of food they are recycling from this article - I whish the whole world would be this effective.

2019-03-14 - Sunday

Today I learned about how apps on our phones use third party libraries to enable tracking and/or advertising of users and how this tracking is possibly leaking user data. This article has the info - but I'm not sure I'll buy the argument that there is nothing we can do about the tracking when it happens inside an app - we can uninstall the app!