TWIL #10

Published on 2019-04-07

The tenth full week of learning!

Summer is on it's way - I suspect that it will bring a whole lot more reading as it bring along outside-time - away from the computer. Reading and learning outside has a special feel to it.

2019-04-01 - Monday

Today I learned about this drone-hunter drone - it is russian (was there any doubt) and it seems the prophecy of SkyNET isn't far off now.

2019-04-02 - Tuesday

Today I learned about the microbes living in this ghost town - life will find a way - for even the most hostile of environments there is a life form that will thrive in it.

2019-03-03 - Wednesday

Today I learned that Uber is preparing it's IPO - it's not really a state secret at this point - Lyft went public last week and that seemed to be a success.

2019-03-04 - Thursday

Today I learned about how an old(er) motherboard was forced to support 16 GB RAM on both Linux and Windows 10. It is an awesome tale of diving into the fine details of BIOS etc..

2019-03-05 - Friday

Today I learned about the recent Google product shutdowns. This article describe the problems perfectly. I backed off of Google+ the moment Google itself did - and I'm still mad about Google Reader. And I was really disappointed that the Nexus 6p stopped upgrading under two years after I purchased it (it was the flagship phone at time of purchase).

2019-03-06 - Saturday

Today I learned about automated software testing. This - rather ironic article points out some great pitfalls to avoid when you want to implement automated testing.

2019-03-07 - Sunday

Today I learned about this project to build a database. It! Is! Awesome!