Published on 2019-03-31

The ninth full week of learning!

This week started as last week ended - with the dotGo conference in Paris! That always mean a lot of learning is inbound - and this years conference wasn't an exception!

2019-03-25 - Monday

There was a lot of excellent talks at the conference. Error handling in Go is a subject and that area is evolving. System architecture is also a subject - it is very very awesome to see this focus in a Go context - it is easy to design systems in Go without really doing architecture well - I certainly hurt from the code I wrote yesteryear that didn't have the structure of maintainability in mind!

2019-03-26 - Tuesday

Today I learned about the difference between metrics and events in datalogging. This article describe the basics and lead to further material. There are some points to keep in mind when selecting a database for your logging.

2019-03-27 - Wednesday

Today I learned about how to make a simple yet powerful service sorker. This article has all the details. It is very easy to set up and to get a very powerful system, for intercepting and caching fetch-requests.

2019-03-28 - Thursday

Today I learned about the technical strategic work in building and maintaining an API - it's all in this short article - it's not really ground braking but it's a nice reference to keep.

2019-03-29 - Friday

Today I learned about the CSS-only solution to :hover on touchscreens. This article ddescribe the new media query - it's a nice little addition.

2019-03-30 - Saturday

Today I learned about all the many public GitHub repositories that have included private keys, passphrases or keys in their code. This article sums it up - it is really mind blowing.

2019-03-31 - Sunday

Today I learned about the ups and downs of the programming language Dart (by Google). This article focus on the transformation of Dart from the in-browser Javascript killer to powering Flutter for cross platform app development. Personally I'm not really sure about this cross platform app development thing. At least last I tried it I ended up doing two separate apps which caused much less confusion, cleaner code and was way easier to find help for on Stack Overflow.