Published on 2019-03-24

Week number eight of learning!

This week ended with a trip to Paris - it's conference time again! Go is by far the most fun programming language I have ever worked with - if you haven't tried it (yet) I urge you to try it out sooner than later.

2019-03-18 - Monday

Today I learned why phone numbers are does not work as identity proof. Still many apps (Snapchat, Uber etc.) use this as a way to identify users - many others use phone number in 2FA. Read the article.

2019-03-19 - Tuesday

Today I learned about the perils of face tracking technology and how to mask your face to avoid being recognized. Read the article - hiding your face to avoid facial recognition software might no only be a desire if you have ill intents - this is a huge privacy question.

2019-03-20 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the manhole cover decorations in Japan. This is amazing! Read about it.

2019-03-21 - Thursday

Today I learned about how to make games using isometric tilemaps using Unity - this will certainly come in handy at some point.

2019-03-22 - Friday

Today I learned that Shopify removed the Mailchimp app from their app store. This is the battle of the silos. It seems that Shopify is in the right on this one though - they want to make data portable and usable to the user while Mailchimp won't let data escape their platform. Read the post from Shopify

2019-03-23 - Saturday

Today I learned about the SSH tarpit. Read about it here - it is kind of brilliant to trap the automated systems that try to get access to your server.

2019-03-24 - Sunday

Today I learned about the struggles Apple will be facing implementing 5G in their devices. Read the article here. The main question though is if any of Apples users care about 5G at this point??