Published on 2019-03-17

Seventh week of learning!

Spring is here! Days are getting longer and learning is getting waaaaay more easy! This week was a mixed bag of gold - many videos this week - I had a backlog.

2019-03-11 - Monday

Today I learned about 5G - this video debunks some myths. I'm sure that these networks will continue to evolve forever. I can remember when 2G was a thing - the phone could provider internet access. I remember when we talked about wireless networks being "close to ready for consumers" - now most of my devices are online using wireless networks and my home network provide consistent speed that can't match the peaks of my 4G phone.

2019-03-12 - Tuesday

Today I learned about buying airline tickets. This video describe the complex system and highlight the effort the sellers puts into making this overly complicated.

2019-03-13 - Wednesday

Today I learned about this awesome product that is used to teach kids that are blind or vision impeared to do programming - I'd say they learn logical thinking and construction - but that is a matter of semantics, it is very awesome anyway.

2019-03-14 - Thursday

Today I learned how trains in Japan are almost never late in this video.

2019-03-15 - Friday

California has many things going - house prices aren't one of them. Check out the video.

2019-03-16 - Saturday

Today I learned that Adobe is shutting down Shockwave on April 9th - and that is not a second too early. The main issue I have with Flash is that it was used almost exclusively for delivering content in web browsers. Virtual machines and universal binaries have so many use cases - but graphics oriented cross platform VMs have very narrow use.

I wonder what this will mean for the web services that still rely on Flash for playing video.

2019-03-17 - Sunday

Today I learned that GPS will have it's Y2K moment next month. This article has the details and this should teach us never to build systems that rely on time with a limited time measuring mechanism!