Published on 2019-03-10

Sixt week of learning!

Migration of website is a success! You are now seeing a version of the website rendered with Gatsby - load times have been improved a bit then moving between pages and my work on the site is much much better!

2019-03-04 - Monday

Today I learned about the blog called Livestream Guide - it is a fantastic site that can guide me/you in live streaming (especially games) on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube - no more excuses - just get to it!

2019-03-05 - Tuesday

Today I read this article about generating traffic to your website. Optimise content, write interresting stuff (+ headlines) and engage with the (right) audience!

2019-03-06 - Wednesday

Today I learned how proper breathing can give you better health overall - this article gives a lot of information and it all comes down to how your breathing can help fuel the rest of your body.

2019-03-07 - Thursday

Today I learned about uncut diamonds. It is really amazing - I didn't know they could have all those colours!! Watch the video on youtube.

2019-03-08 - Friday

Today I learned about the scandinavian flick - apparently that is a thing... It is a very important trick when driving a rally and this video explains it!

2019-03-09 - Saturday

Today I (re-)learned about Day of the Programmer - a day we should all celebrate. Wikipedia has an article about it. Somehov I like the Chinese version a bit better - a bit more clean - but the original has the sense of unpredictability that comes with software containing date and time.

2019-03-10 - Sunday

Today I leaned about the Godot game engine - it's mindblowing! And it's not written in Go?! (I actually thought it was, due to the naming - which was why I started reading the docs in the first place).