Published on 2019-03-03

This was already the fifth week of learning. I can't imagine a life without this constant input of new knowledge!

I'm currently working on moving the newsletter back to Mailchimp (from TinyLetter) and I am also experimenting with moving the website/blog from Hugo to Gatsby. More about this later!

2019-02-25 - Monday

Today I learned that the city of Paris will make public transportation free for children - this is more or less the state in Denmark and it is a very good step towards improving utilization of public transportation. Read the article.

2019-02-26 - Tuesday

Today I read this article about the state of development (especially web development) and the giant hurdle we are putting on new developers joining the ranks by tossing basic HTML, CSS and JS aside and embracing ever more complex frameworks and workflows.

2019-02-27 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the NES.css project - this is an awesome UI framework for web projects - like Bootstrap - I really have to use this at some point!

2019-02-28 - Thursday

Today I learned about the LEGO Hidden Side line of new interactive toys. There is a race for toy manufactures to stay relevant in the age of video games and multimedia - this is one example of how it can be done.

2019-03-01 - Friday

Today I learned about the solar farm China wants to put into space - this is amazing. Let's get sustainable energy harvesting!

2019-03-02 - Saturday

Today I learned about the challenges locating cell phone users, especially when they are calling 911.

2019-03-03 - Sunday

Today I read this article about how to become a successful programmer - funny enough it is not really about programming.