Published on 2019-02-17

This was the third week of learning summary being put together in a single post. I seem to have covered a very large spectrum - from concurrently handling connections to a webserver to STDs - learning is awesome! Enjoy!

2019-02-11 - Monday

Today I learned about the misconceptions with getting exposure to sunlight and vitamin D. This article is really good and highlight how the wisdom of today can be the bad experience of tomorrow. We shouldn't fear science or change - we should just keep moving forward and get smarter every day.

2019-02-12 - Tuesday

Today I learned how the future will be. This article describes how we need to structure information to help shape a better future where autonomous systems can help us be having conversations.

2019-02-13 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the specifics of the C10k problem - it turns out the Nginx was made specifically to address this problem of scaling with concurrent connections in mind.

2019-02-14 - Thursday

Today I learned that Apple told app developers to behave themselves - you have to respect the way Apple seems to be standing up for their users. Security is a feature.

2019-02-15 - Friday

Today I learned about the big plot (one of many) to assassinate Adolf Hitler. In this podcast from HowStuffWorks it was very well described how difficult it was to execute - truly amazing that nothing ever came of this.

2019-02-16 - Saturday

Today I learned about gallium nitride and how it might be the silicon of the future - as far as I remember we need to get as many substitutes as possible for these rare earth metals that we so badly need for our electronics. Watch the video here.

2019-02-17 - Sunday

Today I learned about super gonorrhea from this video - these viral and bacterial infections that develop to become resistant to everything we throw at them should scare most people. The video highlight the stigma around STDs and even getting tested - this is helping the spread - this must stop.