Published on 2019-02-10

This was the second week of learning summary being put together in a single post. A lot of learning this week came from videos - it shows that youtube is more than cat video and commercials. Enjoy!

2019-02-04 - Monday

I read this article about taming data with Javascript. There isn't really a much new here but it is worth reminding yourself that Javascript is a good language to manipulate data with and that it has quite a few nifty functions to handle and manipulate data (especially arrays of data).

2019-02-05 - Tuesday

Today I learned about how the static sites I deploy with Netlify can use forms simple contact forms. It is awesome that it can be done without having to deploy an actual backend! It works with spam protection and all. The video explaining the feature was posted by Traversy Media which is an excellent resource for programming tutorials.

2019-02-06 - Wednesday

Today I learned about the various types of wireless chargers. This video from The Verge describes the pitfalls.

2019-02-07 - Thursday

Today I learned about the large amount of space dust that actually hit our planet every day! Watch the video - it is amazing!

2019-02-08 - Friday

Today I learned about this robot that can play Jenga - it is amazing what learning enable these robots to do and adapt to. The future is robotic!

2019-02-09 - Saturday

Today I continued in the robot track and learned about this robot snake - it resemble a real snake and movements very well - but real animals are so much more complex it doesn't even come close to being so evolutionary perfect. It will get there though!

2019-02-10 - Sunday

Today I learned about how a formula one car is born. The new season is being kicked of this month and the Mercedes team put out this video - these guys are experts. They've done something unique. They are the best at what they do - and this video describe (a part of) what they do.