Published on 2019-02-03

This was the first week of grouping all the stuff I learn every day together in a single post. I've tried to argument it a bit with further findings etc. and I hope you'll find it useful.

2019-01-28 - Monday

I read this article from Dave Cheney - a very good point about errors in Go. No matter when I read the blogposts Dave make I learn something new and/or have a new idea how to make/change code.

2019-01-29 - Tuesday

I learned a lot about how to self publish a book! This article is a very great ressource. The source for the book as data modeling and R - and therefore much of the tooling used in the creation of the book reflect this - but all the information about the "next steps" is priceless. If you (like me) aspire to be a writer some day you have to read it.

2019-01-30 - Wednesday

I learned about how group messages affects privacy etc. This video describe it very well - it is in fact very easy to allow anyone to be a part of an encrypted conversation - the problem is that then it is no longer a private conversation between two parties.

2019-01-31 - Thursday

I learned about the security flaw in SCP - aparently it has been there for 36 years (!!) - get it patched ASAP please - it is not good.

2019-02-01 - Friday

I've been thinking about streaming live coding for a while. Today I learned how it can be done. Good tools and especially good sound seems to be the key - I will definately look into this in 2019! The setup described has a lot of bells and whistles that I won't/can't use - at least not right off the bat - but the basic setup seems fairly easy to get up and running.

2019-02-02 - Saturday

Today I learned about how to decrease the bounce rate of your/a website. This industry standard measurement still baffles me - but you have to pump those numbers if you are serious about creating content for the web.

2019-02-03 - Sunday

Today I learned that Homebrew 2.0 is out - read the changelog here. This is awesome - it now runs under Linux (including WSL) as well. It'll take a few days to get settled. But this will improve everything. I was just researching how to get Go and NodeJS onto an Ubuntu system and a RaspberryPi running NOOBS - and keeping it up-to-date. Seems way more easy with these news!