Last TIL - switching to TWIL

Published on 2019-01-27

Posting a TIL every day gets very spammy. After doing this for 27 days (26 days of learning - some days with multiple learnings) it is clear that these posts are going to flood the blog.

I want to switch to a weekly summary of the 7 (minimum) learnings I've had for the past 7 days.

I have an overall plan to write more regular blog posts in 2019 (and in the future in general).

Almost no matter how many normal blog posts I'll be writing they will seem to disappear between the seven weekly TIL-posts. Therefore it is time to stop it - step back a bit and then collect the learnings in a weekly post.

To highten my own commitment a bit I've also decided to put together a newsletter. If you feel like it, you can sign up at the signup page - the plan is to send a weekly newsletter and never ever include promotions and/or ads.