TIL #26 - 2019-01-27

Published on 2019-01-27

Yesterday I bought Overwatch - which means that today I learned about a whole new world! The conclusion so far: Overwatch is good. Far better than expected.

I know that I'm late to the game - but now I am here! I hadn't expected to find Overwatch all that entertaining, but it turns out that it is.

There is still very large gaps - firstly the knowledge gap because I truly know nothing at all about the game and the heroes (except the memes) - I am litterally the John Snow of Overwatch. Secondly the skill gap - oh boy I hope that'll get better!!

Overwatch fills (or is going to fill) the whole that Counter Strike filled back when it originally came out - a lighter (that the RPGs etc. I normally play) experience that I can just jump into and play a couple of rounds of with no large commitment.