TIL #21 - 2019-01-22

Published on 2019-01-22

Today I learned about the encounter Kamau Bobb had with a police officer on january 15th. This is very hard reading to say the least.

I was born and raised in Denmark (pop. 5.8M). Denmark have immigrants, refugees etc. - but there are no race issues here - not like in the US at least!!

The story Kamau tells in his article is eye opening - not that I didn't know about the racial issues in the US - but because of a fact that he states many many times throughout the article: If you didn't do anything you'll be allright.

This is not the case.

This can't be said loud enough! Some groups are targeted way more by law enforcement than others - it might be with good cause - but when it leads to police officers entering situations with a preconceived opinion of guilt things can go very wrong very fast.