TIL #20 - 2019-01-21

Published on 2019-01-21

Today I learned why Mike Elgan don't trust OnePlus - he has compiled 11 very good reasons that you should read.

Two years ago I switched from an Android phone to using an iPhone exclusively - and I have never looked back. It is not because of the lack of feates in the iPhone or the premium you have to pay to get a somewhat functional phone. I switched because I simply don't trust Google anymore. This is a story for another day though.

Trusting a company like OnePlus require a lot.

Go read the article Mike wrote about why he doesn't trust them. It's pretty simple - time and again they've proven that they can't be trusted. The openness of the Android platform doesn't really help here - every manufacturer can add their own layer of complexity and insecurity on top of an already struggling framework.

(iOS is also struggling - there is no difference in the security threat. But the open nature of Android and the lack of timely updates from phone manufactures makes the whole thing a mess. If you've ever messed around with Android beyond the Google Play Store you know that it is easy to get sideloaded apps and/or 3rd party app stores installed - this is virtually impossible for a normal user on iOS. This + closed source software makes it just a tiny bit harder)